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When you hear the words “Custom Design” what’s the first things you think of? Expensive? Long waiting time to make? Difficult process?

With Uniplan’s modular homes, every single one we build is a custom design. Here is why.

Our manufacturing process is specifically designed to allow a custom designed modular home to be built just as efficiently as a standard design. The cost to build a custom design is no different to the cost to build a standard design.

We believe that everyone should be able to come up with their dream architectural design. You shouldn’t have to be forced to pick a standard design and be stuck with that.

The way that we work out the cost to build a custom design uses the same formulas as the way we cost a standard plan. That means that you aren’t charged a surcharge for getting Uniplan to customise one of our plans. Of course, we work out the cost to build the design you require and the cost of any changes (e.g. if you make it bigger, add a bathroom, etc) are worked out for you so you know how much it will cost to build.

Here’s how the process works.

Mostly our clients start off with choosing one of our plans that best suits their needs. This allows you to get a ballpark price for what you need in your modular home so you can check it is within your budget.

Then you can sit down with one of our design consultants and talk about what you would like to change in that plan. Normally we just do a rough hand sketch of the changes you require and get our estimator to check how much those changes would impact the price. This could reduce the price if you are removing something from the standard plan or increase the price if you are adding to the plan.

Once you have a sketch plan and a cost to build your custom design modular home you then pay a small ‘Initial Investment’ which allows our architect to draw up your architectural design modular home so that you can see every little detail on a set of plans. You get to work with us along the way to tweak the design further and ensure that your home is going to include everything you’re dreaming of.

At the same time we work with you to come up with the perfect architectural design that you would like for the exterior of you modular home. There are some great choice for this. You get to choose from our ‘Classic’, ‘Coastal’, ‘County’ or ‘Contemporary’ architectural designs. Each exterior design has its own unique look and feel that will make you modular home stand out from the crown.

That’s how Uniplan makes it easy to build a custom design modular home that fits your budget perfectly.

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