Five Ways Modular Construction Saves Time


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Everyone has heard the horror stories about building. Cost over runs, time blow outs, risky builders… Here are five ways how factory-built modular construction makes your life easier.

1. The weather is the weather – you can’t control it, neither can we.
That’s why building out in the elements like a common builder does is such a silly idea. No matter how small your building project you are definitely going to experience delays on site due to the weather. If tradies don’t get held up on your job, they will be unable to finish their last job meaning a delayed start on yours. With factory-built modular homes, most of the building is completed inside the control of our factory. This allows us to predict, with 100% accuracy, exactly when your building will be completed in our factory.


2. The battle of the tradesman – who’s in control?
You know for yourself – you can drive past a home being built on site and more often than not you will see no action at all. No one on site, not a soul… The reason? The plumber was waiting for the tiler to finish, the tiler was waiting for the painter to come, the builder forgot to tell the painter that the carpenter had finished. So many stories, so many reasons (aka excuses). When building in our factory, we control all the various trades (because they are our employed staff), and run an efficient schedule that allows different tasks to be overlapped for the shortest possible build time. This is a big contributor to allowing us to build a large 4 bedroom home in 28 days or a cabin or granny flat in only 16 days. This includes all the internal works and finishes ready for delivery to your site.


3. The cost of time – what is it worth to you?
When evaluating the cost of building on site or building with modular how much will you factor in for the overall time saving? After your buildings are council approved, an on site builder may well take 6 – 8 months to build an average size home. A factory built home could easily cut this time in half to 3 – 4 months from council approval. That is a 3 – 4 month time saving! What is that worth to you? Saving on rent? Or if you’re an investor, you can put your new building to use that much quicker and see your return on investment fire up sooner.


4. Regional, remote and rural sites
One place where factory building beats on-site construction every day of the week is regional, remote and rural sites. OK – we admit – if you’re talking about building a spec home in a metro area you will be able to get any number of high volume builders to knock it together for you on the cheap. Try build that same home out in a country location and you will be struggling to find a builder to even quote. Having to drive out to a rural site every day and have every delivery cost extra is a big waste of time and money. With building your home in our factory it really doesn’t matter. Once we’re done we pop it on the back of a truck and bring the completed building to site. It really doesn’t make that much difference if that is 30km away or 300km.


5. Every builder will quote you a price – how many escape clauses do they include?
Building on site allows for so many hidden surprises. Along with surprises come costs! Building within our factory removes so many unknowns.

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