How Long Does a Modular Home Take to Build?


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Because the building process in our factory for a modular home is so streamlined, your new home can built in as little as a third of the time compared to building a house on site. A compact modular home takes only 18 days to build from raw materials such as steel and timber and create a modular home that is 100% complete with painting, tiling, kitchen, etc. A larger four bedroom family home takes 30 days. That’s fast!

That’s of course the part of the works that happen within the factory. For a modular home  the building process also includes works that need to happen on site, which Uniplan does for you as our aim is to make it easy for you. This includes preparing the piers before the home is delivered and then completing the installation process. Depending on the design of your new modular home this could include building verandahs on site along with doing the final finishing touches to the interior. Typically these works will take between 1 and 3 weeks.

What about if you want a custom design modular home? Most people think that a modular home is only cost effective if you choose one of our ‘standard plans’. Not true! Luckily for you we understand that every modular home needs to be as unique as its owner. The Uniplan factory is set up so that the building process and time to build is no different for a standard design or a custom design modular home.

We’ve all either experienced or heard about the horror stories of building a new home and the completion time blows right out the water and takes months more than the builder promised you. If a builder tells you 6 months to build your home you know in the back of your head that it will be 9 months….

Uniplan’s promise to you is that we will give you an exact date that your new custom design modular home  will be delivered and we stick to it. Our motto is “we deliver on the day we say”.   How do we do that? In Uniplan’s factory we have the building process so well organised that we can tell if your home is one hour behind schedule and we immediately apply extra resources to it to get it back on time. This is monitored continuously throughout every day of the building process so that your new modular home flows through our streamlined building process with absolute predictability.

When you sign up your order for a modular home the first step is to get the council approvals in place. As you could guess, this is the least predictable part of the process. It could take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months. Once we have got the approval process complete (yes, we make it easy by handling all this for you) we will give you your exact delivery date. This date will include allowance for time for us to get all the materials for your new modular home delivered to our production line so that there are no delays during building.


To summarise here are the four parts of how long it takes to build a modular home:

— Council approvals: Anything from 6 weeks to 6 months (yeah, we all know councils…)
— Material purchasing: 3 – 4 weeks
— Construction in our factory: 4 – 6 weeks (depending on size of your home)
— Installation and completion on site 1 – 3 weeks

This makes a total of only 13 weeks from after council approvals to when your new modular home will be installed on your site! That’s fast…

These timelines may vary depending on how full our order book is. Please discuss this with one of our helpful sales team for current lead times.

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