Uniplan Group and the Environment

Being involved in building design is a special responsibility.

It opens opportunities for intelligent design that makes a world of difference to ongoing use and operating costs of the buildings we produce. Just a few areas our Design Consultants consider when helping clients plan new buildings are:

Solar Access

This simple yet often overlooked aspect makes a huge difference to heating, cooling and and user comfort. By intelligently orienting new buildings to maximise solar benefits helps reduce the requirement for winter heating and summer cooling. Our Design Consultants realize that each site is different and requires special planning to ensure our designs suit your location.

Energy Efficiency

With energy cost continually on the rise, simple consumption reduction is a great way to extensively reduce ongoing operating costs. Modern advances in LED lighting now offer reasonably priced lamps that reduce power usages by as much as 90%.

Water Conservation

Logical use of water saving tapware is a front line step to water use reduction. Many smart tapware manufacturers now offer water saving shower heads that offer a superior shower experience while consuming less water. Remember – every drop counts. What might seem a miniscule saving on one tap, multiplies out to huge savings across your property. How many taps do you have on site? More than you thought I reckon.

Easy Clean Finishes

We are continuously searching for products and finishes that make cleaning and maintenance easier. This reduces the resources you require to operate your holiday park. It is these contributions to ongoing reduction in operating requirements that set a well designed building apart from an ‘off the shelf’ design.

We encourage you to think creatively along with our Design Consultants to achieve an outcome that reduces the ongoing impact on the environment and your operating costs.

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