Designed for solo travellers or workers’ accommodation, the cabin features four simple studio rooms, a compact kitchenette, a bathroom and robes, and a large shared front veranda. Prices subject to change based on material cost fluctuations.

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From sleek, single-bedroom units to more spacious designs, there’s a Uniplan cabin to suit every site.


This design can sleep up to 14 people, with a spacious student dorm room, three bathrooms, a communal dining and living area, and a staff bedroom with internal and external access. The cabin boasts a large front verandah and accessibility options, providing room for everyone to feel at home.


Experience space-saving design with queen-sized rooms, storage facilities, and private verandahs. The floor plan has been configured for short stays and is perfect for overnight accommodation.


This luxurious cabin is perfect for longer stays and provides an elegant backdrop for a couples’ holiday. The cabin includes a large kitchen area with cooking facilities, a grand bedroom and a spacious ensuite. The bedroom opens to a private verandah that can house a spa or other outdoor attractions.