20th April 2023

What is a modular home made from? Are they built to last? Can a modular home have architectural design so that it looks good? I’m sure these are all questions floating though your head as you’re considering building a modular home. Let’s dig deeper…

A modular home is built to last just the same as any residential house that uses traditional building processes. The same building codes are used and identical materials. There are two things that make a modular home different, and more special than a normal built on site home.

The first is the super strong sub floor chassis. This is the beginning of the building process and for the ultra-strong base to carry the modular home. It is a constructed from heavy gauge steel and allows each module of your new home to be transported to site. The chassis is so strong that the entire section of the home can be lifted up and down on special jacks.

Secondly, as a modular home needs to be transport down the highway to get to your site they need to be braced much more thoroughly than a ‘normal’ house. During construction of the wall frames, the external walls are strengthened with special bracing. While a normal house may get buffeted by strong winds during a storm this is nothing compare to the strength required for a whole home to go flying down a highway at 100km/h.

These two facts combined mean that your new modular home will go through a building process that is built to last even better than a tradition built-on-site home.

The strength of the Uniplan chassis and the wall bracing means the internal materials used are exactly the same as traditional building. ‘Gyprock’ walls, ceramic tiling and the likes are all standard for us. Almost anything you want to use in your new home can be included in a modular home.

For the exterior we most commonly use very durable ‘Weathertex’ weatherboards which have a 25 manufacturer’s warranty or the well know ‘Colorbond’ sheeting. These can be combined in a multitude of ways and finishes to give your new a stunning architectural design. Just because you’re building in modular don’t think you have to sacrifice on styling and design.

We would love for you to come around to our factory and see first hand for yourself. You will be blown away with the building process that is built to last.