18th June 2019

Good question! How many words can you use for the same thing?!
They’re all trying to describe the same thing – a home built in a factory and then transported to site once it is nearly 100% complete. One thing to be clear about – a ‘kit home’ is something quite different.
A ‘kit home’ is just all the materials you need to build a house and then you have to either build it yourself or employ a builder (a.k.a. hard work!). A modular home comes out of our factory fully built and just needs to be delivered to site and placed on its foundations – which we do for you.
So call them what you like – ‘Modular Homes’ is the predominant term used these days.

The advantage of a Modular Home?
Most folks think the advantage of modular homes would be that they’re much cheaper than traditional building. That’s not necessarily the case. The real advantage is the control of building within a factory environment rather than on site. Research shows that on typical building projects, 61% run behind schedule. With Uniplan and our modular building system we can schedule with certainty. Also, for remote and regional sites, where it can be difficult to find tradies, modular construction is ideal as your building is delivered to site almost fully complete.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD – 5 Ways Modular Construction Saves Time and Gives Cost Certainty

What benefit does Uniplan offer?
Our mantra is to “Make it Easy”. Everything, right from the beginning of the sales and design process, is designed to make it as easy as possible for our clients. We will come and inspect your site to make sure access is OK. We handle the entire council process for you from start to finish. We give you concept drawings and budgetary pricing so you can evaluate different options at the early stages so you can work out your best option. We can steer you in the right direction for finance as we have some great banking partners we work with. In a nut shell, we love whatever Uniplan can do to make the home building process easy and hassle-free. Right at the moment we are finding new ways to keep our clients better informed during the building process as it’s important for you to know what is happening at each stage of the way.

What’s the first step?
If you have land waiting for a new home, give us a call or drop in to visit. We can show you our display homes so you can get a feel for just how amazing a modular home can be. Chatting with our friendly sales and design team will quickly give you a good understanding of how a modular home could work for your site.