Building on a Rural Site is Hard, Except with Modular Construction.


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If you live on a rural property you would well know how hard it is to get a tradesman. For a tradie, travelling 20, 30 or 50km out to a site is a regular pain in the ….. First of all you have to drive out there a few times to quote and then you may not even get the job. That’s why it so hard for you as the customer to even get a quote. Then once building finally gets underway, every morning the builder wasting valuable time driving to and from site. And – when something is overlooked it is a massive drama to head back and get materials.

Yep – building on a rural site is hard. How do you overcome the challenge of building on a rural site?

With a Uniplan Modular Home. Seriously – it makes it so easy. Here is why.


Step 1: In the factory

At Uniplan, 99% of your home is completed in our factory. Everything is planned to the finest detail meaning that your new home is built in a matter of days, not months. All the trades and materials are right to hand so that we can build a generous sized home in only 28 work days. Impressive.


Step 2: Kitting of site materials

For the bits we can’t pre-build in the factory, such as a carport, we get all this prepared and ‘kitted’. This means that we make these pieces up in little modules so that it comes together like a puzzle on site.


Step: 3 On the truck

When your planned delivery date arrives the house is ‘magically’ loaded on the back of a very specialised truck. Your home will have the internal pretty much 100% complete with things like floor coverings, paint, curtains, tiling, etc so that once it gets to site it is ready to go in no time.


Step 4: Installation on site

The most exciting time – we turn your blank site into your new home in a flash. In the space of a few short days we will install the piers, deliver the home and put it all in place. Only a couple of days before there was nothing there and then, like a mushroom overnight, you have a new home!


Step 5: Final completion on site

Once your home is installed on its piers, the services need to be connected and we finish the last little bits. There will be some finishing internally along with any onsite works such as entry stairs, carport, verandah, etc. Depending on the complexity of the design this could be anything from only a few days up to three weeks.

Does all this sound rather simple? Well that’s exactly the way we’ve designed it!

Let us show you how easy Uniplan can make building your new country home.

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