A New Chapter Begins


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As the last cabin leaves the old Uniplan factory in Myrtle Drive, it’s hard not to reflect on how far we have come and how many homes and holiday experiences we have provided. Uniplan began as a 3-man team building cabins outdoors in the Armidale weather, and wow! How times have changed.

Uniplan Group has been operating in Armidale for 22 years and has not only grown the factory but a crew of staff and a business with excellent stability and manufacturing systems. With this growth has come change and we have now moved into our new 7000m2 state of the art factory in Seaton Street.

With this amazing new factory space, we can deliver new designs, methods and processes, enhancing quality control and faster results. The move has nearly doubled the production area, with new offices for our staff and extra construction stations so we can fit more buildings into the factory. The larger factory also allows for in-house cabinetry, with tool station boards with materials on each trolley to improve upon our seamless LEAN production system.

While we may have grown and expanded, some things have remained unchanged for the Uniplan family. Our belief in good old-fashioned relationships and our passion for the industry is still the same. We thank our customers and the friends we have made over the years and look forward to forging ahead with more to offer than ever before.

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