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Uniplan are proud to announce their early release 2023 exterior colours, especially designed to help you navigate the decisions around choosing the right exterior palette.

It’s the exterior that gives any home or holiday park character and choosing the right colours for your buildings that allows you to express your style. Whether modern, contemporary or traditional, the exterior should sit well in the surrounding environment, connecting with your interior.

The latest new colour range from Colorbond has helped us inform the direction of each theme. There are endless opportunities for the range to complement and enhance your home’s design, but we have decided to help make it easy by curating these new palettes to tie your colours together, creating a stunning finish that you’ll love.

The façade, cladding and colour are all important elements that allows you to add your own touch to make your home truly yours. Choose between a breezy coastal feel with the Balmoral, Windsor or York or a more organic natural look with the Cambridge or Sussex. Any of these colourways could be applied to a contemporary, classic or traditional style as well.

Uniplan want to make it easy for our customers, and we hope that these new on trend Colorbond inspired palettes will help do that, making your modular home something of real value, with architectural styling you can be proud of.

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